Ford Credit


This project was to create a piece of content for Ford Credit that outlined how a lease works -- start to finish.

The Problem

The challenge here was that financial topics could be sensitive for users. Execution on these topics can easily be too condescending, so we needed to find the right way to go about this execution.

The Solution:

Working hand and hand with Big Block LA, we:

  • Presented illustrated frames to the client touching on their highest-priority messages
  • Led Creative Direction for all motions that served as transitions between each talking point
  • Collaborated on a script for the voice-over
  • Guided voice-over talent casting as well as recorded the audio
  • Facilitated a bespoke music selection and final mix for the final deliverable

The Outcome

Crossing the finish line, my client was very pleased with this creative. We found an authentic voice that informed our users without treating them in a way that caused concern. I've been told that this video is still referenced by Ford Credit on how to execute a creative task.


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