State of Michigan - DG Next Design System


The State of Michigan wanted to prioritize a more "design first" approach with its digital presence. In 2019, I won this account and began to help shape a better user experience for all Michigan residents.

The Problem

The challenge of this design system was to create more efficient UI/UX patterns that made interacting with The State of Michigan easier and more efficient. There are over 20 departments in The State of Michigan, and getting work sold through every department was one of the hardest tasks I've had in my career.

The Solution:

Leading this creative, I had one junior designer at my disposal, as well as a handful of developers. This project included:

  • Lead design efforts for all UI/UX
  • Helped set a new standard at The State of Michigan for a "design first" approach
  • Challenged limitations of old technology and the grandfathered mindset of staff
  • Managed design and implementation with our partner agency

The Outcome

Ultimately, this design system will help more than 8 million Michigan residents improve their experience with the State's online information & services. Applying my ability for the greater good of humanity vs. selling a product has been very rewarding.


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Design Director

State of Michigan